10 Things To Do To Beat Homesickness

Have you recently caught yourself thinking about how fantastic of a cook your mum actually is? Do you constantly miss playing sports or going out with your friends? Are you wishing you were back home, lounging around on the couch fighting over what show to watch with your sibling? Live in denial all you want, but you, my friend, are feeling homesick.

You could be a fresher or a seasoned third-year college student, homesickness hits the best of us in the most unexpected of times. We’ve all been there and the best way is to distract yourself with these 10 easy hacks:

1. Take up a hobby

All those hours spent pondering over what your folks are doing back home could be better utilized learning a new skill or refining an old one. Try downloading Duolingo and learn a new language. Take up a trial painting class. Or just order that book you keep hearing of. You might be surprised with what piques your interest!

ways to beat homesickness

2. Focus on fitness

It’s time to get off your bed, grab your college bestie and actually go for that run you’ve been avoiding. Start small and build up. Try 20 minutes of yoga or weights or running thrice a week, and within weeks you’ll see a spike in your stamina and motivation levels. The endorphin release will help shoo away homesickness, cheer you up and leave you feeling refreshed.

ways to beat homesickness

3. Go for a walk

Some of us just need some alone time to collect our thoughts. Go ahead and take a long evening stroll or early morning walk with some calming music as you reminisce.

4. Talk it out

Talking about your feelings is not only therapeutic but it also brings people together. You might end up making new friends in college or learn something you never knew about your roommate. It’s a great conversation starter.  You’ll be surprised you aren’t the only one under the homesickness spell.

ways to beat homesickness

5. Explore your neighbourhood

You might fall in love with the architecture, or find a super cheap market, find some tasty spots to eat, or interact with locals and learn some interesting facts about your neighbourhood.

ways to beat homesickness

6. Plan an outing

Maybe all you need is a good-old-fashioned time out with your friends. Go watch the new Marvel movie or plan for a shopping trip. Making new memories is a great way to stop feeling homesick.

7. Join an NGO

Nothing feels better than giving back to the community. Not only would it keep you busy a few hours of the week but you would be offering your time to one of the noblest of causes.

ways to beat homesickness

8. Start/join a team

Were you the captain of your local cricket team? Or the point guard in your school basketball team? Did you just enjoy Sunday mornings playing football with your bros? Who is stopping you from continuing that? Ask around and you’ll find many students who share your interest.

9. Eat, eat and eat!

Food is the one saviour when all else fails. Make it a date or take an entire group out. Your city has many unexplored eateries and Instagram-worthy, drool-inducing delicacies calling out your name.

ways to beat homesickness

10. If none of this helps, then what exactly are you waiting for? Get on a video chat with your parents, sibling or best friend and spill out your feelings! They miss you just as much and would love to catch up with you.

ways to beat homesickness