Adventurous Weekend-Getaways From Delhi Under 5K

After a long busy week in Delhi, caught in a web of routine, every one of us longs to escape from the rut. While every weekend brings a perfect opportunity for us to pack our bags and leave for an impromptu trip, our empty wallets pull us back from doing any such thing.

Well, how would you like if we tell you that there are some amazing places near Delhi where you can enjoy whole-heartedly and that too under 5k! Surprised already? Here are the 3 things for you to do in three different places for a perfect getaway.

1. Rafting in Manali

weekend getaways from Delhi under 5k

This quaint town perched high on the hills in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect weekend getaway destination. Its clear skies and lush valleys make for a picturesque view and never fail to enlighten one’s mood. Along with it, the pristine waters of Beas river offer a perfect opportunity for rafting under just a thousand bucks. Catching a bus on Friday evening is advisable since you will easily reach your destination the next morning and you can sleep all through the bus journey comfortably. The fare for one way is around four hundred to six hundred bucks, depending upon which bus company you choose to go with.

While you are here, do not miss out on the opportunity to eat Chha Gosht, which is served at almost every restaurant in Manali. World Peace Café located in the heart of the town serves great food at very reasonable prices, i.e around 300 bucks for two people. In the evening, after you are done with rafting, wander the streets and discover tiny knick-knacks and interesting cafes.

For an immersive experience, try backpacking hostels like AAO, Zostel, etc and spend anything between 300-900 bucks a night, as per your convenience. 2-3 nights in Manali are enough to go around, you can also include a trip to the famous Rohtang Pass if the time and weather allow!

So, going to Manali with your gang and challenging the high waves in water is always fun and fits the budget, too!

2. Trekking in Triund

weekend getaways from Delhi under 5k

No matter how physically tired a person is but when it comes to trekking among steep valleys and lush green patches, all the tiredness takes a backseat. And when we are talking about trekking in Triund, then it doesn’t even hover around.

A pocket-friendly trip to Triund, a small town tucked away in Himachal Pradesh, refreshes one’s mind and satisfies the wanderlust which each one of us has. The bus journey to McLeodganj, from where the trek starts, takes around six to eight hundred bucks and eleven hours.

One can choose to trek up and down the same day but the trek is best enjoyed if you stay a night at the camps at the top. The view from the top is breathtakingly beautiful and can’t be missed. You can choose to take a package which costs around 1500 bucks for one person, that includes the tent, dinner and breakfast. Or you can choose to just go with the flow which can’t be more than 1500 either! There are small kiosks and cafes serving hot Maggi and other small bites along the way and at the top.

Once you come back to Mcleod the next day, spend some time devouring famous cafes and awarding yourself for completing the trek! There’s also a quaint church in Mcleod, surrounded by Deodar trees, with a gothic architecture and stained-glass windows – it’s a sight to behold! You can all this and more in 3 days and come back refreshed and rejuvenated!

3. Paragliding in Bir

weekend getaways from Delhi under 5k

The crown jewel of Himachal Pradesh, Bir is also called the “Paragliding Capital of India”. This reference solely proves how amazing it is to paraglide over the mountains and valleys in this hill station. The fifteen-thirty minutes long paragliding flight costs 2500 bucks and entices visitors with its thrill and adventure. The ideal months to paraglide are October to June. You can take a bus from ISBT Kashmere Gate to Baijnath, which is just 12 kms from Bir. The tickets are priced between 600-1200. You can choose to stay in a camp, hostel, or hotel as per your convenience and budget!

The fresh air and the splendid scenery adds to the travel experience and gives an unparalleled feeling of pure bliss and adrenaline rush. You can combine a trip to Bir-Billing with a trek, mountain biking, or a trip to the beautiful tea gardens of Palampur. The experience of this one will definitely stay with you for a long time.

So, now you just don’t have to fantasize about a trip which is short, refreshing and simultaneously fits your budget but you can actually get to have a crazy amount of fun without money being a barrier. After all, money should never come in the way of fun and adventure!