Things To Do Before You Turn 20

If you believe in living life to the fullest, here’s a quick checklist for you to conquer! If you are approaching the end of your teen years and have spent at least 2 years in college, here are 10 things to add to your bucket list.

Watch all IMDB top 250

If you haven’t already, watch ’em all. Know what you enjoy, what’s your favourite genre, what tickles your imagination and what puts you to sleep. Not just movies, have a taste and preference in everything – music, tv series, stand-up comedy. Teen years are a great time to experiment and formulate a taste for all things fine. Deep dive into different genres and cultures and come back with either a preference or some knowledge!

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Experiment with fashion, and find your style!

Just like having a list of favourite movies, your teen years are a time for you to discover your personal style. Experiment with your hair lengths and colours, know what silhouettes flatter you,  and the colours that make you look good. Once you step into the corporate world, chances are you’ll have to stick to the choices you made during these years or worse still, stick to dress codes that your office validates.

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Learn a new skill

It could be swimming, driving, cycling, or playing a musical instrument – anything you couldn’t do earlier in life because of fear or any other factor. Make the most of college life and learn a new skill, you won’t get this time back.

Prioritize your career

Explore areas that you might be interested in, see if you can find an internship that gives you insight into your chosen domain. This is the time to actively work towards your career. Audit extra courses offline or online that further your interest and add to your knowledge and skill.

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Travel. Alone, with friends, as a volunteer, for community service, for a conference. Just travel.

Find out events and organisations, national or international, that invite you to be a part of a community exercise and travel during the course. It’s a great way to keep the travel expenses in check while exploring new places.

Have a piggy bank

It might sound childish, but make it a habit to drop extra change in a piggy bank or keep aside a small amount of money every month to feed your piggy bank. It could be as small as Rs.10/-. Good habits start small. At the end of the year, break it to buy something special for yourself!

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Know your comfort zone, and do something outside it!

Chances are you’ve spent your early years in the warm comforts of your home with immense pampering from your parents. Now is the time to challenge your comfort zones, and do something outside of it. It’s a great way to slowly train yourself to accommodate newer surroundings and situations – something that will come into use often in life.

Body positivity – love yourself!

Most of us have been victims of some sort of bullying over the years – move over it. Embrace your body, your uniqueness, and your awesomeness, and learn to love yourself. It will be difficult in the beginning, but you’ll know how important it is when the time comes.

bucket listHaving a bucket list for your 20’s is a good idea – these are your years of being wild, free, and experimental!

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