College Admission Checklist For Your Campus Visit

Campus visits can be tiresome and monotonous, making you feel anxious about the entire college admission process. But, if planned well, this can be the most interesting part of finalizing on the college and choosing the right course. Having a checklist for the campus visit during college admission not only comes handy but makes the process hassle-free and fun!

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Where and how

It’s important to get the start right! Make a list of the colleges to visit offering the course(s) of your choice. Do some homework on the student strength, student diversity, reputation, ranking of the college and background of the faculty.

Once you’re through this, map the selected list of colleges and decide whether this will be a solo tour or you’ll be accompanied by friends or family to help you set the logistics in advance.

Check on facilities

Right from classrooms, library, gym, medical room, auditorium, eateries, to your would be dorm/hostel, check all the facilities in and around the college campus that will help you quickly get acquainted with your abode to be!

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Hostel visit

The hostel is where you’ll spend the most time of your college life. Make sure you check for all the amenities of the hostel you’re finalizing for and are confident about the place you will soon call ‘home’. You should also break the ice with the warden and the incumbent students (in case they are around) to get a sense of what it feels to be living in that hostel.

Look for campus-specific information

Scout for things peculiar to the college campus like a student-run newspaper(s), college brochures, student hangout spots, student centre, the best place to eat at, student clubs, the famous chai-wala, basically anything and everything that distinguishes that particular college from the rest on your list!

Dig deeper on course-related details

Look for metrics like student/teacher ratio, placement percentage, internships opportunities, career opportunities, the background of the faculty, ranking of the course etc that helps you make a well-informed decision.

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Set free and wander around

A stroll in and around the campus can give you a first-hand immersion in college and instil the necessary sense of belonging right from the beginning. Take this as a chance to talk to students, get hands-on information about the college and the courses of your preference, make connections and take notes about everything you get to know!

Audit a course

Nothing beats the chance to audit a class during your visit. Check with the admission officer and see if you can sit in a class and get a feel of what it feels like to be a student in college even before you become one!

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