College Life Gyaan 101: How To Break Ice With Seniors & Classmates 

It’s the most crucial time of the year again when students all over the country come out of their safe haven. For many, starting college life is an overwhelming experience. Students leave their families, move out to an independent settlement, and do many things that they haven’t done before. While there is not much we can do there, we can definitely help to ensure that you are able to create a harmonious surrounding for yourself, which feels like family.  Here are some tips on how to break the ice with seniors and classmates:

Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!

The first step towards embracing college life is to accept and gear up for change. There is no doubt that transition from a protected environment at home to college is a tricky affair. It’s an emotional roller coaster where you flip from feelings of ecstasy to nerve wrecking panic attacks to serious flight mode. You need to realize you are not alone and everyone around you is expressing the same emotions. You just have to overcome your fear, let this phase pass and know that there’s light ayth

darr ke aage jeet hai

Empathy & Sympathy

Empathy and sympathy are the keys to bonding and a long-lasting acquaintance. When you meet people from other parts of the country with diverse cultural backgrounds, languages, stature, try not to judge people on their looks, attire, accent etc and look beyond. Acknowledge and celebrate diversity. This will be an opportunity of a lifetime and you must make the most of it!

college life diversity

Likes and dislikes

All those hobby classes, guitar lessons, late night gaming sessions are going to come to your rescue now. You will get comfortable as soon as you discover shared interests and connect over those. This can also help you with the late-night chats once you have found “your group”!

Smile and slay!

Smiling is infectious, it demonstrates confidence and also helps break the ice with strangers. This does not mean you look like a freak passing smiles at random passersby.  Just be amicable and approachable!

approach college life with a smile

Be real!

Being original is the most difficult thing today. While you might want to succumb to the immense peer pressure college life brings with it, from what you wear to how you talk, don’t forget that authenticity is admirable.

Be real, be you, be unique! After all, you never know, the next BFF that you make is right around the corner!

college life quotes

And if everything still goes downhill, trust us that first impressions are important but not always true and don’t last forever. So, do not stress! In Rancho baba’s words “All is well”!

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