College Nostalgia: The Time Of Your Life

Someone once said

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

And rightly so…..

college nostalgia - first day of hostel

When you first enter the double sharing room with two beds, two cupboards…..basically two of everything, you have no clue how attached you will get to that space. This space becomes part and parcel of your life. A life in which you begin to accommodate roommates, college friends, hostel friends and so on. With time, you begin to discover that there is something called alarm clock which can help you get up in the morning all by yourself!

So, years from now, when college nostalgia hits you and you look back at this phase, there are a few things that you will definitely beam about!

Friends for life

college nostalgia - friends for life

After spending a whole lot of time interacting with different people, you finally find the perfect amalgam of funny and nerdy to hang out with. And then you know that you have found YOUR PEOPLE. The ones who wake you up every morning, skip dinner and eat momos with you! Believe it or not, irrespective of how busy your schedule gets hereafter, you will always find time for them. They become your confidante, they make you realize that a resplendent philosopher resides within you!


The thrill of finally leaving home and being on your own can’t be topped by anything else. Zero interference from parents and being the sole decision maker of everything surely makes you feel like the boss. From messing up and creating troubles to learning to stop, think and then decide, equips you with the kind of maturity that stays with you for a lifetime. Ten years down the line, when you look back at these carefree days you will love every bit of it.

Midnight snacking

college nostalgia late-night snacking

Living with friends makes you realize that sleep is not so important but late night conversations about ambition and aspirations are! And such talks can’t happen without food. That’s when bowls of Maggie, khakra and mathri sent from home come out of your bags. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can never quench your hunger the way all that junk can do late at night.

Evading curfews

Talking all night long, binge-watching web series is fun but who wants to remain within closed doors all night long, right? Adulting is all about going to clubs and letting your hair down. But the strict timings make it so difficult to step out at night and that’s when your athletic self awakens! You realize that you are capable of jumping off low floor balconies and escaping right before the guard locks the gates for the night! There’s nothing more liberating than escaping those humongous gates and heading straight to a popular ladies night for a free drink!

college nostalgia evading curfews

End moment preparations

Once you enter college, you can bid regular studies goodbye. Because college life is all about attending and (sometimes) bunking classes, going to malls or DDA parks. But before you know it, semester exams start breathing down your neck. And then, for a while, you bid farewell to clubbing and shopping. The late night fun translates into late night studies, mugging up every word that you possibly can. But who helps you do that when you are away from home and mom is not there to bring steaming cups of tea for you??? You guessed it!…..It’s your friends. From explaining topics to deciding which chapters to omit to mugging up…..they’ve got your back under all circumstances!

college nostalgia last minute preparations

Trust me when I say this…these are and will always be the GOLDEN YEARS OF YOUR LIFE.

No matter how rich or well employed you get, college nostalgia will hit when you least expect it. No amount of thrill will ever replace the excitement of going back to the same building, seeing that room, meeting the new people who now occupy that room and judging whether they have made the room better or worse!!!