Final Year Troubles? Here is Your Guide to Crack Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

Placement time? Are you a final year student struggling to get your dream job? What is it that always becomes a hurdle? Is it clearing group discussions and personal interviews? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have a friend who got rejected in almost 20 interviews. He is excellent in studies and a pro at group discussions but somehow couldn’t clear his interview rounds. Another friend is again super intelligent but extremely shy when it comes to facing public and hence GD was his weakness during campus placement. But today both of them are placed in two of the most prestigious and multi-dollar companies. They did few basic but most effective things to help them crack group discussions and personal interviews.

Know yourself well

It is always good to know your strengths and weaknesses. Unless you know them, you cannot counter the questions asked by the panel. Be prepared to answer questions related to your educational background, family, hobbies or anything that has a mention on your resume. Prepare a well-curated and properly formatted resume for the D-day.

Know your academics well

Always be thorough with your course and the syllabi. Have your basic concepts on your fingertips. Revise them before the personal interview. You can always tell the panel which subjects you are most confident about so that they ask most of their questions from there.

If you have done an internship or a project, have an in-depth knowledge of it. They always cross question. Also, always have an answer to why you need the job in that particular field or company.

Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

Prepare most likely GD topics

Know what’s going on in the world. Prepare a few hot and few generic topics like women empowerment, human trafficking, euthanasia, climate change/pollution, social media – a boon or a bane?, etc. There are a lot of resources available online. Scan through the newspaper to stay updated with the latest.

Mock GD and PI

A lot of your classmates would definitely be facing these challenges. Sit with them and practice for group discussions and personal interviews. Stand in front of a mirror and practice. Facing yourself is way more difficult than facing a GD and PI panel.

Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

Soft-skill sessions

Many colleges conduct pre-placement soft-skill sessions. Attend them. That will teach you things as basic as shaking hand to how to crack group discussions and personal interviews. If your college does not conduct such session, there are a lot of coaching centres, consultant companies or online guides.

Constantly build your confidence

More than your knowledge, what the panel looks for in you is your confidence level to handle a situation. Hence, always stay motivated, calm, keep reading, practicing, and stay positive. Keep your moral high. The mirror technique I told you before, there is nothing better than that. Also, dress well!

Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

I hope this helps you in acing your group discussions and personal interviews. All the best for your placements. Do let me know how it goes! 🙂

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