Handy Fashion Advice For Your Campus Visit During Admissions

Delhi University will soon release its college admission forms and the subsequent cut-offs thereafter. While Delhi is melting in the heat, students from all over the country will gush out to the capital city to complete their respective college admission processes.

Since the Delhi weather is no friend of the students, here are 5 handy fashion essentials that you should carry to campus during college admissions to sweat it out in style:

1. A Carry-All Bag

Forms, documents, certificates, stationery, food, water and maybe even more, make sure you have a spacious bag that takes it all in, like Hermione’s beaded handbag with the extension charm. Stock on stationery items like a stapler, glue, pen, pencil, etc. apart from multiple copies of your documents, certificates and photographs. Keep yourself hydrated with a bottle of water, fruits and/or knick-knacks to feed on in those restless moments.

college admission fashion advice

2. Cotton

The only fabric that stands a chance in Delhi’s severe summer is cotton and its variants. Wear featherlight free-flowing clothes in light colours to feel comfortable while moving from one place to another. You might be prepared to the T but there still will be a lot of moving around!

3. Accessories

college admission fashion adviceDon’t forget to keep your sunnies by your side. The Delhi sun can give weak knees to the strongest of us. Wear a pair of flat and comfortable footwear that lets you move around without cursing your shoes. Also, carry a face towel or handkerchief to wipe off the sweat and preserve it. The next time your parents start a sentence with, “Humare time me……”, it’s your cue to take out your sweat of fame.

Don’t stress too much about what to wear or how to look the first time you visit campus. Focus on the task at hand. There will be enough time to put your wardrobe to use once your college admission process is sorted.



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