Acing The First Month in College

Hope your admission process is at its completion stage! Congratulations on getting into a college of your choice. How are you feeling? Nervous? Excited? Or wait, are you worried about how to make friends in college? If you are feeling like you might not be able to make many friends or your seniors might bully you, then you are not the only one thinking the same. There are many students out there who are just as worried as you, or maybe even more. So don’t feel alone, my friend. You will do just fine!

First of all, DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY just to fit in! Be yourself, no matter what. The moment you start pretending to be someone else, maybe like some cool guy in your class who has all the latest gadgets or some beauty queen who is always dressed in the latest trends, is the exact moment when you lose your identity and individuality. Remember that your first impression will last till the end, make it unique and take pride in it.

Secondly, try to indulge yourself in smart conversations. Studying and all is good, but just limiting yourself to that is a definite no-no. College is much more than that! Interact with your classmates whenever you get a chance. Freshers is a good time to interact with your seniors. They will surely have some practical wisdom to share that will help you survive college. You might get some ideas on how to save your soul from that one super-strict professor.

Also, if you are worried that your seniors might bully you, then you should instantly kick this fear out of your mind. That decade when seniors used to boss around is gone. People are much more friendly and supportive now. Your seniors will surely help you to get through the first-month madness of college.

You need to acknowledge that all the other students in your batch are just as confused as you are. They too are nervous. If you see that someone is hesitating a lot in talking to other people, then go up to him/her and indulge in a friendly conversation. A gesture of friendliness is always appreciated!

So, with all these things in mind, you are all set to go! Be yourself and approach and receive people without any pre-conceived notions. We are sure your first month and college life would be as amazing as you are!