Hostel Life Essentials Checklist

You’re about to kick start a new chapter of your life. Moving to a new city for college brings along a beautiful phase – hostel life, a phase that will give you nights that will turn into mornings and friends who will turn into family. As excited as you must be for this life to begin, here are some hostel life essentials that will help you reduce the hassles and ensure that you start with a bang!

Bedroom essentials

hostel life essentials

Bedroom essentials can mean basic bedsheet and duvet to someone or an extravaganza of cushions, fairy lights along with the basics to someone else. In either case, your bedroom speaks about you more than anything else in your hostel life. So make sure you do justice to yourself by bringing in the right bedroom essentials.

A lot of times, the more the merrier works well for your bedroom – carry additional pillows, sheets, cushions and home decor accessories to give the much needed ‘homely’ vibe to your hostel room.

Kitchen essentials

No matter how well-equipped your hostel is, it’s always good to know basic life chores that equip you for the rest of your life. Carrying crockery, cutlery, glasses, mugs and Tupperware containers for basic daily needs makes hostel life hassle-free and makes you more independent. Most hostels have an induction top for late night cookings, make sure to stock up on Maggi and your basic masalas.

hostel life essentials


A few basic electronics are a must! An extension cord to make sure all your gadgets are adequately charged, headphones to aid you zone you out occasionally from the hostel noise, a bluetooth speaker to make sure your room gets enlivened with some music of your choice.

hostel life essentials

Some stationery

Whether you’re a single pen person or the one who spends a little extra on stationery and proudly exhibits it in her/his room, your room will not be complete without stationery. A lot of times, the kind of stationery you use can be a small window to your personality. So why not opt for something that suits your style?

hostel life essentials

Some more cool essentials

Don’t forget the comfy pyjamas and funky flip-flops that will ensure you’re a free soul. Something from your hometown that encourages you to have wings to fly but also keeps you connected with your roots. 

This list of hostel life essentials is just to make sure that you feel comfortable in your new space.

hostel life essentials

A pack of cards and some board games to help you evade boredom and simultaneously make the bunch of friends to share all-nighters with.

A transition from ‘not wanting to share my room with anyone’ to ‘we’ve shared lives’ is what hostel life is all about. Make sure you stock up on these hostel life essentials to help you smoothly transition into the much awaited time of your life!