Hostel Room Décor Ideas

Your first reaction to your hostel room might be of dismay or delight, but it will soon become a space you love to come back to after a long day of unending lectures. It is always a good idea to personalize your space to make it feel like your own.

College is often the time you’re trying to find a unique identity that will define you for many years to come. Your hostel room should reflect some elements of your true whacky self, and considering that your hostel might not allow you to tamper with the wall colours or do any major makeovers, here are some quick, inexpensive DIY hostel décor ideas that will lift up your spirit and your room’s sass!

Moving away from home is always a little daunting – it’s a good idea to keep your loved ones close with picture collages. You know they’ve got your back and there will be times when the mere presence of their pictures in your room will bring you reassurance.

hostel room decor ideas

Growing up aside, you love your comics and cartoons! Bring them to life with hand-drawn sketches or colourful stickers that can go up on your wardrobe. Or choose wall posters that always bring a smile to your face, get you moving, or resonate with your college state of mind!

hostel life decor ideas

Keep your study table always organized and use a pinboard to stick your time-table/exam schedule/to-do list. Add a trendy lamp for those last minute late night exam preparations when your roommates are asleep and maybe an indoor plant for some extra oxygen and positivity!

hostel room decor ideas

Once you hit it off with your roommate, come up with a little something for your door that defines both of you!

hostel room decor ideas

Try out new ways to frame your wall art – try wooden, textured, and coloured frames or easier still, tape frames in different shapes or fairy lights to instantly bring your walls to life.

hostel room decor ideas

If your hostel allows you to paint the walls, by all means, paint the world RED!

hostel room decor ideas

All the elements of your room will lend both personality and comfort to your college life – let your walls speak!

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