How to find the best PG for girls in Delhi? Girls PG in Delhi

Well, finding a home away from home is very difficult! Isn’t it? Especially for a girl who is new to a metro city like Delhi, where safety is a major issue. And the problem is not limited to safety only. There are many other factors which come into picture such as food, proper hygiene, reliable security, quality life etc. And this is not a news that finding a PG for girls, which caters to all her needs, is unquestionably one of the most tedious jobs to do. There is always one or the other factor which holds us back from finalizing a PG. While one PG serves finger-licious food but lacks proper security, the other one has a tight security system with poor washrooms. No wonder, why searching a good PG for girls is such a difficult task.

Pool of Problems

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Yesterday, I heard two girls talking about how pathetic their PGs were. While one of them was whining about the poor quality of food and the same food being served every week, the other one was constantly ranting about how she has to come back to her room before 8 PM even when her parents approve of her staying out. These were just two of the many who face the same kind of problems everyday, as if managing on your own in a new city was not enough.  Untidy washrooms, stone-hard chapatis, unnecessary curfews and whatnot, dealing with the same mess everyday has become a part of a girl’s lifestyle to survive.

How to Choose the Best

The stereotype that “selecting a PG which gives a home-like feeling is no game” can be proven wrong if you know where to look. Amidst all the chaos of regular PG for girls, there is Stanza Living which understands all your concerns and has come up with a solution to address them. Aiming to change the face of PG for girls, here you will get all the services under one roof at very affordable prices. From delicious food to biometric entry systems, everything has been moulded according to your needs and requirements, without compromising on your comfort and convenience.

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Setting Priorities

Comfort and happiness are everyone’s ultimate goals. While selecting a PG also, the first question should be “Is this PG comfortable enough to keep me happy?”. If your mind says “Yes”, then that is the way to go. So it might be safe to say that selecting a PG for girls is not that tough after all!