Job Interview Tips For A Fresh Graduate

“Knowledge must become capability”.

College is about a lot of things – fun, freedom, experimentation, friends, and last but not the least, getting a JOB.

Let’s be real….We work hard, put our heart and soul into three years so that we not only come out with flying colours but also get employed. So yes….you want to complete your studies and start working because you have an unquenchable thirst to become self-reliant. No doubt, getting a good job and a good package is always challenging when you go out looking for the first time. So what is it that sets you apart from the herd? What are the qualities that every employer looks for in candidates? How can you carve a niche for yourself in a world that’s filled with competitive contemporaries?

Firstly, your CV is just a piece of paper. Yes, this piece of paper turns into an important document as you progress in your career and as years of work experience get added. But, when you go for your first job interview, and you have no experience to show, and let’s face it…..internships hardly count, that’s when you’ll thank us!

Here are a few tips on how to impress the interviewer:

Your personality is your weapon!

You heard it right. The only way to create a great first impression at your first job interview is through your personality. It is important to let the interviewer know your passions and motivations, your hobbies and extra-curricular activities, and support all that you say with examples and real-life situations. The kind of interaction you have with them can be enough to convince them of your potential. Let your confidence exude from the way you talk, walk, dress or even shake hands.

Experience & explore

While deciding a career path early on and working towards it with determination is quite impressive, a question that arises here is “do you know enough about other options” or “have you explored enough” or “what if you are better at something else but you never cared to find out”. Hence, nobody is pushing you to determine a particular area of interest right away. Experiment and explore!

Make a list of work areas that interest you, look up related internship opportunities and go forward. Create a palate of different experiences and spend time doing each of them. Have sound knowledge of all the areas that interest you and then decide which out of those can you do for the rest of your life. Which out of those will not feel like a burden? Which out of those will you enjoy doing the most?  Hence, bring a mixed bag of experiences to the table so that your interviewer knows that you explored all options and then arrived at a conclusion. This will reflect your maturity and capability.

Justify & clarify

Your CV will not always be perfect. You are bound to meet a few who will be appreciative and some who will be interrogative. So how do you deal with the latter? Clarify with examples and situations whenever and wherever required. If you think you have something to say that will steer the conversation in your favour, make sure you put it across. 

Run through your CV as many times as possible to know the possible questions and prepare accordingly for your first job interview.

Your CV contributes to just 30% towards getting you a job, the rest is all you! 


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