Mental Health In College

“One who has health, has hope…one who has hope, has everything”

Health is always thought of being related to the physical body. We seldom pay attention to another aspect of health, that is, mental health.

We are usually so occupied with our hectic schedule and bodily comforts and discomforts; we rarely consider how healthy our mind is feeling. However, mental health is indispensable for our holistic well-being. Where there is peace of mind, there is sustenance.

mental health

College life is full of frenzy. The jam-packed schedules leave us with very little time to tend to ourselves. This often causes burnout.  Here are a few tips that will help you deal with the transition and issues that come with college life:

Time for yourself

The transition from school to college can be a little daunting, it’s always a good idea to take it slow. College schedules are very flexible as compared to the fixed timetable in school. It gives you the freedom to mould your day according to you. Take time out by yourself, take a small break and zone out from all that is happening around you in the library or a silent corner in college. Whenever you get time, do what you enjoy doing the most, reading a book, listening to music, dancing your heart out or watching something that comforts you. Don’t give up on things you’ve always enjoyed now that college life has stretched you.

mental health alone time


Yes, the word sounds heavy! But this can help you relieve all the built-up stress. Catharsis is a process of venting out repressed emotions. It is important to have an outlet for all those emotions that you can’t express in front of others. This can be anger or grief or confusion or any other unexplainable emotion. Don’t keep them inside. Feeling sad? Cry it out in your room. Feeling ecstatic? Dance it out with cheerful music!

mental health catharsis

Confidant & confessions

It is difficult to share your most guarded thoughts and secrets with anybody around you. Owing to our experiences, we often feel that people will not understand us or the relationship might get uncomfortable in the future. But all of us have one person who we always pour our heart to – a childhood friend, a sibling, or your mom. It’s best to keep your people closer and get rid of negativity and/or perplexity to feel healthy and positive.


There is a stigma attached to the word counselling in our country but actually seeking a counsellor’s help is as basic as consulting a general physician for stomach ache. If you have physical discomfort, you turn to a doctor. Similarly, if your mind is not in the right frame, you go to a counsellor.

If you are having troubles accommodating to a new college life or finding it difficult settling in, visit a counsellor to help ease the process.

mental health counselling


You are young and this is your time! You will want to be surrounded by activities that keep you busy.
But sometimes, it’s best to spend time DOING NOTHING!

The mind needs rest just as the body does. Give it its required time to unwind and relax. Do nothing that consumes your mind, let it hibernate for a while before it gets back into action.

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