Moving Away From Home? 5 Things That Will Definitely Take You By Surprise!

You must have heard your parents ranting about how difficult moving away from home is – while there will be days when you will miss home and feel nostalgic about leaving your comfort zone. On most others, you will try and shrug responsibility until the last moment and maximise the existence of fun in your life.

However, if you are moving away from home, there are some things that will definitely take you by surprise:

  1. Full jars of food supplies, like they magically appear out of nowhere every month!

moving away from home surprises

You’re sure that you’ve never seen your parents specifically go out to get food supplies but they somehow kept reproducing themselves to always keep your shelves occupied. Now that you’re living by yourself, the natural process of food supply reproduction has suddenly stopped. And moving away from home has made you discover the joy of grocery shopping with carts as big as you, that you can manoeuvre around the streets of a superstore and buy whatever junk you want only to end up aghast at the bill counter!

  1. Undergarments that are freshly washed and sometimes even ironed!

moving away from home surprises

You never could understand why your undergarments are ironed, but alas they were! And you could be the possessor of more than 14 pairs of undergarments, but when it comes to washing clothes yourself, your first instinct will always tell you to buy more rather than take out time to sit by the washing machine.

  1. The amount of time your mom takes to prepare a meal like she’s the brand ambassador of 2-minute everything!

moving away from home surprises

You often wonder how you’re not the recipient of your mom’s ultra-quick cooking genes, when even the gap between your eyebrows, people say, is identical to your mom’s. And after all these years of TV watching, you seriously start doubting marketing gimmicks that make you believe that maggi can actually be made in 2 minutes when even after 15 minutes of sweating it out, the masala in your maggi refuses to leave its friendly clump.

  1. Bedsheet changes that never happened in front of your eyes!

moving away from home surprises

You’ve stayed with your parents long enough but never happened to find the bedsheet change chart anywhere in your house. You wonder how your parents and/or help decide which bedsheet to go on which bed and which day – what really is the unit of measurement when it comes to bedsheet changes! You’ve had the same bedsheet for a month now and Monica Geller still hasn’t landed on your doorstep with her cleaning apparatus.

  1. Waking up by yourself without your mom shouting at the top of her voice!

moving away from home surprises

You’ve always had your mom shouting at you in the morning and that has seemed to be the most natural way to wake up. Alarm clocks, you’ve realised, are easy to deceive and every day that you wake up on your own is a dear diary moment – something that will happen not too often. You will miss classes, fall short on attendance, assign a friend the responsibility of waking you up and finally resign to tell your mom to act as a call alarm while having a moment of adulthood that life indeed comes a full circle.

Moving away from home after school is always a matter of mixed feelings! You can’t wait to taste the freedom fruit but at the same time, you can’t forget the Spiderman dialogue, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Phew!

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