The Must-Have College Bucket List

The four years of your college life are the most fun years. It is not just about graduating but also about exploring new opportunities and being adventurous. In no time you will be stuck between 9 to 7 job struggling to meet work targets. Before that happens, take the advantage of your college life. Don’t worry! We are here to help you have the time of your college life. Here is your must-have college bucket list and ensure you have figured out your adventure buddies.

College Bucket List

1. Attend freshers’ night in pyjama

Break the rule! Run the show! There is always a college gang that believes in this. Be the leader of that gang. The first must-have from your college bucket list is attending your exclusive fresher’s night in pyjama because you are too cool to wear formals.

2. Have Maggi nights

Be it a long driven study night, movie night, chit-chat sessions with friends or a long call with your college sweetheart, ensure Maggi is a part of it. It just adds taste to your college life.

college bucket list

3. No shave November

All the boys in the house this is for you. The whole purpose of no shave November is not to let your beards grow crazy, but to raise awareness for different kinds of cancer including prostate cancer.

4. Solo trip

Your college bucket list is just incomplete without a solo trip. Plan out a weekend to spend time with yourself. Visit a nearby hill station, or a beach, or a wildlife sanctuary. Go trekking, skiing, river rafting, bungee jumping, anything you like. Spend some time with nature alone. Cleanse your aura.

college life

5. Volunteer for a cause

Join NGO. Work for a cause. It can be anything that brings a change in the society. Fight for education right, women empowerment, fight against corruption, Parkinson’s disease, anything.

6. Organise a theme party

College life is about having fun, right? What is fun without a theme party? It can be anything – dressing up like your favorite actor, or a Disney character, or maybe have 1980s theme.

7. Lead a protest

You would have definitely watched the movie Rang de Basanti. That’s your inspiration!

8. Be miserable in Dean’s office

Attendance in college is always a major issue? Isn’t it? Exam me debarred ni hue to kya kiya? Stand in a long queue to meet the dean, beg for attendance, get attendance and walk out of his cabin like a king.

9. Find a college sweetheart

Fall in love. Take trips together. Make love cards. Write poems. Dance together. Maybe commit to getting married in future.

first love

10. Write a formal email to your parents after a huge success

Your success matters more to your parents than it does to you. Express your emotions to them over an email or a letter. Trust me their pride will multiply.

11. Freak out on finding a white hair strand

Who doesn’t freak out on finding a white hair strand and then Googles crazy ways to curb it? You just hit puberty and suddenly you are an old adult.

12. Pull out an all nighter

This happens often when you have chatty friends who love to gossip or share a piece of broken heart. Well, they are ones who are always your partner in crime. Pull out all-nighters to listen to their stories.

13. Set targets to finish TV series

The list for TV series is long – Friends, That70s show, How I met your mother, Suits, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Vampire Diaries, etc. Watch them all!

14. Join a gym, never go. Commit to a diet, never follow it.

This will happen to each one of you because you love your sleep and junk food. Yet try. Who knows you might end up losing those extra weights.

15. Spend a sober weekend

This might be difficult in your final years. But being sober throughout the weekend can fetch you productivity.

16. Experience hostel life

College life or your college bucket list must include this one. Experiencing hostel lifestyle, managing yourself, being 24*7 around friends, taking care of your chores, dealing with nonedible food, gives you a sense of independence. You are out there on your own, fighting with the world to mark your presence.

17. Try to maintain a long distance relationship

This is difficult. Trust me. But if you are able to deal with the annoying fights and complications you will become the love guru for the entire student community.

distance relationship

18. Spend a semester abroad

Apply for a semester abroad program or internship. Travel to a different country. Explore the new world. Learn a new language. Work part-time to meet your financial requirements.

19. Get placed in your dream company

This would be a milestone of your career. Get your dream job. Work in the field of your interest. Job satisfaction is very crucial.

20. Graduate with pride

There you go. You have achieved the ultimate goal. You are graduate! Did you invite your parents and siblings? Did you finance their travel and stay? Do that. This will create a sense of I’ll be there for you feeling.


Well, now that you have your college bucket list, action it. Enjoy your college days.