Open letter to 1st-year students from 3rd-year students


You are officially done with your days in school and here starts the next chapter of your life – years of fun and frolic!

Most of us tend to think that dealing with college life is very easy. However, the transition from school to college is not smooth for everybody. So this is for those who need tips on how to ease into this new phase.

Explore your college:

Since your college will be your home for the next three years, it’s important that you acquaint yourself with every nook and corner of the campus. Every college has a few popular and not-so-popular spots that are linked to its history and heritage. However, there will be many stories waiting to be told. So, roam around, have fun exploring and experiencing the true vibe of your college.

The bottom-line: this college will be your home so make yourself comfortable.

Make friends:

It will be easy to make friends on your first day since there will be a lot of people like you who will be equally enthusiastic about making new friends. But, telling you from experience, the first people you end up striking a conversation and connecting with might not necessarily be the friends who’d last you for life. College friendships are forged over time and can end up being the most cherished ones. So, talk to everybody and take time to find-out the ones you most comfortable with and enjoy the most with!

Be part of a Society:

While it’s important to be regular in classes, study hard and make sure your professors know you, it’s also important to enjoy yourself! Invest your time in not just books but also extracurricular activities that connect with things you love – your passions. There will be a host of ‘societies’ in your college. Take the plunge, attend auditions, join them; inimitable experiences await you there. They will help you refresh yourself after a hectic day of back-to-back classes.

Trust me when I tell you most of your college memories will be of all the fun you had in your society meetings and brainstorming sessions!!

In a nutshell, what’s important is that you create a balance between everything and learn to multitask. Gather all the experiences that you have planned for yourself and make the most of these years in college. Three-four years down the line, when you look at yourself, you would realize how these experiences have helped you evolve into a much stronger, a smarter person who is ready to take on challenges and emerge victorious in every scenario.

Adios Amigos!