Perks Of Being A Student

Empty pockets, messed-up hair, infinite restrictions and a shitload of pressure, these are the things that qualify a person to become a “student”. A student is usually found amidst most confusing situations, always ending up in trouble. Parents, teachers, or friends, a student easily attracts trouble from all possible sides and often wishes to grow up to stop being answerable to people around.

Well, before you start praying to the mighty gods above to make you older, watch ’13 Going On 30′ and read these perks to feel how lucky you are if you are still a student!

1. Liberty of walking in late


Student: “Mam, may I come in?”
*Everyone looks at you like you just announced that you saw a ghost*
Teacher (with a cold look): “Yes! But the next time you are late, please don’t attend the lecture at all.”

That’s the extreme scenario one can possibly imagine. Students often reach their classrooms just in time and feel accomplished if they manage to get present marked! Now consider the same situation at a job, you probably be getting a salary cut or marked for half a day, and definitely be tagged as unprofessional.

2. Privilege of copying


5 assignments and 2 class tests and just 2 days to complete it! After whiling away an entire day and strategising on how to complete it, you give up and ask for one of the first bencher’s notebook and paraphrase everything, and sometimes end up getting equal marks. Of course, all the planning and pressure to sound different while copying is stressing for sure, but what matters is if the teacher finds out or not! If you’ve managed to fool the teacher, you’ve done a neat job indeed! And this is something which only students can do.

There isn’t any situation possible at work where you can copy something from your colleague and be appreciated for it. Once you start working, you are on your own!

3. Friends to talk, laugh and cry with


Your friends could irritate you to the point of madness or get you into trouble, yet they are the ones you run to when you have a good or a bad news to share. These people, who leave no chance to mock you, are the ones who you trust and love the most. They make life bearable and we can’t thank them enough for it. Sadly, such strong bonds of friendships are rarely found in a professional environment. And once you get busy with your life and career, your circle starts to grow smaller and you have a handful of long-distance friends left to share your deepest darkest secrets over the phone! Value them while they are still around!

4. Pockets bare, more share!


Money crisis is something which we just can’t avoid in college. Transportation, ice-creams, books, clothes empty the pockets every week and we are left with no option but to go on a no-expense spree. However, when we become poor, our friends do not hesitate once to come out for help. And even with zero account balance, our tummy is always full and the heart satisfied.

However, when you take up a job and claim your independence, you reach another level of being broke that none of your friends can ever compensate for.

Everything has a time in life, and student life is all about being carefree, breaking the rules and enjoying every moment! Once you start a career, there will always be a few things you’ll miss from your student life! Be young, be stupid, for as long as you can be!