Things All DU Students Can Easily Relate To!

“The University of Delhi is not a place, it is a feeling!”

Every DU college has a language and life of its own, however there are few things that all DU students can instantly relate to!

1. Classes…what are they?

DU students are too vella in life, they are used to mass bunks, strikes and fests all year round. They attend classes to take a break from all the fun. Their attendance is either a charity case from their professors or their well-wisher proxy friends!

They are usually found chilling in Kamla Nagar or one of the newly opened and happening restaurants on Hudson Lane!

2. D-School stands for canteen!

If someday scientists decide to check what a Delhi University student is made up of, they will find a whole load of DSE’s pao-bhaji and chowmein in him/her. Because that is what a DU student (especially a North Campus one) survives on. So if you find a person randomly planning to go to DSE (or D-school), know that he/she is from Delhi University, and the intention is only to eat!

3. Events & Protests

A DUiite’s day is essentially incomplete if s/he did not attend an event, fest or took part in some kind of a protest. Delhi University is made up of fun, drama, gossips and of course, festivals and elections. The first two months of college pass in election campaigns, while the following months witness event preparations and fests taking place across all DU colleges one after the other.

4. Where/When/How to go?

A DU student can give competition to Google Maps when it comes to lesser known places in Delhi, especially around their colleges. Delhi’s roads are where they spend the better part of their lives and every nook and corner of the city has been explored by them.

Their location markers are usually places to eat. So you can expect directions like: “take a left from the famous pakode wala, then take a right at the famous paan shop”, etc.

5. Who’s the best!?

And last but not the least, all DU students consider themselves the best and different from the rest. You can often hear them saying “Yaar! Come to DU once” or “I am from Delhi University” and feeling proud. They live in their own world and maybe that is why it is so easy to spot a DU student among hundreds of people.

Can you think of some other things all DU students can relate to?