6 Things That Day Scholars Miss Out On

After our school is over and college is just about to begin, our days are spent dreaming about night-outs and house parties that accompany college. We expect college life to be free and boundless. It is that period of our lives when we are excited to be independent and explore more. Sadly, only a few of us get to live this marvellous life and the others, who are commonly called ‘day-scholars’, miss out on all these following things:

1. Late Night Movie Plans

things day scholars miss out on

While the resident scholars watch Conjuring or Insidious with room’s lights out and popcorns in their hands, cracking PJs and hooting along with it, day scholars sleep silently in their beds. No, wait! Sleep after sobbing into their pillows about this missed opportunity, because they wanted it so bad but well, perks of living with parents!

2. Date with Partner

things day scholars miss out on

Not being able to go on a date is something which surely every day scholar whines about. Constant calls from parents asking when you would come back home ruins the romantic mood and always ends up on a bad note. No wonder why most of the day scholars are fighting or are ‘on a break’!

3. Endless Parties

things day scholars miss out on

When watching a simple movie is forbidden, then parties are an absolute NO-NO. Indian parents are super strict when it comes to stuff like partying and their children doing it in front of their eyes. LOL! Imagine the drama and consequences!

Even if you intend to spend a quiet night with a few of your friends, you will never be able to convince your parents that you will not do ‘anything wrong’, whatever they mean by that!

4. Impromptu Trips and 12AM Car Rides

things day scholars miss out on 

Undoubtedly you have seen a ton of Instagram stories of people going out for late night car rides or impromptu plans to the hills, Manali being an all-time favourite. But how many of these ‘wild & free’ souls are actually living with their families in the same city? I bet none!

Impromptu trips and car drives are out of the question because for every plan you make you at least need to lay a foundation and build on it for a few days for it to be anything near successful!

5. Dressing Wildly

things day scholars miss out on

You are not a true student if you’ve never wanted to colour your hair a whacky pink or blue, wear rag like pants or go attend classes in a pair of boxers and over-sized t-shirts. However, if you happen to stay at home, you can shut your room and try all that you want, but the moment you step out, you have to be ‘presentable’.

6. Long Sleeping Hours

things day scholars miss out on

Being a day scholar means travelling from home to college and college to home every day. Amidst this travelling, one often loses out on sleep and proper meals, because meals can wait but metro? No!

While day scholars get into a battle right in the morning, starting with catching a metro on time, negotiating with the auto/rickshaw drivers, and finally managing to reach class, others just saunter casually in class in their ‘this is how I woke up’ look!