Things Only Outstation People Can Relate To

Regardless of how many continents or cities a person has been to, their heart usually lies in their hometown. While Delhiites are proud of their city, the people who come to this city are often baffled at the pace of it.

Here are a few thoughts every outstation person has when they first step into this city:

1. Why is everyone always running here!?

Whether it is public transport, roads, shopping complexes, residential colonies or anywhere else, people in Delhi are always in a hurry to reach somewhere. It is like the entire city is running in a marathon but nobody knows the winning/end point. If you are not used to seeing too many people, chances are you’ll yearn for a room of your own where you can shut yourself to escape this web of city life!

2. Does the entire world population reside here?

Every time you have to pass the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, the thought of getting clobbered amidst the crowd scares you. You can’t cross Rajiv Chowk without imagining yourself getting caught in a stampede.

While Delhiites are navigating their way through the crowd, the outstationers are looking for a corner to hide in till the crowd settles.

3. Why is everyone always abusing?

You know you are in Delhi when you can hear a group of young people often go “Oye hatt, BC” or “What the f*ck!” in public areas without any sense of threat. While Delhiites incorporate abuses in their daily lingo, non-Delhiites are often left to wonder why these words were actually banned in their hometown or why they got scolded when they used it in front of their parents.

4. Oh so cold, oh so hot!

Delhi gives you a tour of Sahara Desert as well as of Himalayas, with its scorching summers and biting winters. One moment you are standing in the shade of a tree, trying to save your soul from the blistering sun, and the next moment it is raining heavily and now the tree is providing you shelter from the rain instead of sunlight.

5. But it was of 700 bucks!

You go to your friend’s hostel to show her the new dress which you bought for just 300 bucks. She gasps and almost cries because she was robbed in broad daylight, as she bought the exact same dress for 700 bucks. Well, bargaining with local shopkeepers and auto walas in Delhi is a skill outstation people learn with time.

6. Is it a city or a gas chamber?

Who needs to smoke when you are in Delhi?

While a Delhiite’s lungs are used to this polluted air, an outstation student can be spotted coughing or ranting about how polluted the capital of India is. They are the ones who buy those protective masks in the beginning and eventually get used to it.