Things To Do in Delhi Post-Midnight

The heart of India, Delhi, is a vibrant city, a city which never sleeps! With an endless number of historical forts, eating hotspots and shopping malls, this city truly is a marvel to behold. Being a Delhiite, I know that it is impossible to resist the feeling of going out for a late night drive and explore more of the city’s streets. So, for all night-owls like me, here is a list of some amazing places where you can hang out:

1. Going Desi at Murthal

Every Delhiite’s favourite hang-out destination, Murthal never fails to satisfy the endless cravings for Indian food, overflowing with ghee. With an amazing vibe and an unbeatable parade of dishes, one can try the endless list of paranthas and delicacies at prices as low as 400 bucks for two people.

Other dhabas that offer lip-smacking food are Gulshan Dhaba, Amrik Sukhdev, No. 1 Ahuja Dhaba and Haveli. The bright lights and the enthusiastic crowd will never let you believe that it, in fact, is past midnight.

2. Ice-cream Party at India Gate

The pride of Delhi, India Gate looks best at night. The charm of the place automatically doubles up when the monument is set aglow at night, basking in its own glory! Sprawling on the lawns and gazing at the starry sky or a midnight walk along the India Gate lawns are some things Delhiites never get bored of!

Grab an ice-cream or candy to turn this into a sweet experience!

3. Midnight Snacking in North Campus

Bustling with students, North Campus is, without a doubt, the most happening place in Delhi. So one naturally expects a lot of things to do here after midnight. Well, there are not a “lot of things”, but bun-butter-chai at Patel Chest is more than enough to head out at night!

4. Exploring the JNU Campus

The place of scholars and top rankers, you can visit the Delhi’s most talked-about campus late at night and eat butter chicken and delicious egg rolls from the JNU Dhaba. Keep an ear out on an interesting ongoing discussion between a group of scholars! That is the best part of JNU.

The natural beauty and peaceful chaos of the campus make you feel you are not in the capital anymore.

5. Wandering along Chandni Chowk’s Streets

Chandni Chowk is the life of Delhi and taking a walk in the labyrinths of this Old (yet lively) Delhi town should totally be on your list. If you are craving for tasty, yet low-cost food, then head to Jama Masjid. Try the Hyderabadi Biryani, which tastes so good that no amount of words can possibly make up for its flavour. Be here at night and we bet that you would not get tired of appreciating the charm of this city!

6. Bangla Sahib

If you are looking for some peace in the city rush and want to enjoy the stillness of silence, head to Bangla Sahib. It doesn’t matter whether you have any religious beliefs or not, the aura of this place will relax you to your very soul. The prasad is the cherry on top! Take a walk around the sarovar or just find yourself a quiet corner, sit back, and let the city life wash off you!

When all the people are sleeping, that is when this city feels the best. So, all those who are rejoiced by the dark sky and empty roads, Delhi has a lot in store for you!