7 Things You Ace During Hostel Life

Hostel life forms the foundation of your personality. Leaving the comfort of home to step on to a new journey is exciting. The plethora of unknown adventures, challenges and good times you experience during your hostel life mould you for the better and stick with you for the rest of your life!

Survival Skills

The start of hostel life means the end of being a fussy, choosy and sheltered kid that you’ve been throughout your time at home, with the comfort of having your family around.

Hostel life brings along all seasons and all life rhythms. Trust me, not all of them are pleasant. You learn how to fight the odds, be resilient, maintain your calm and keep going, no matter what. You definitely learn how to live the best moments and transcend the not-so-pleasant ones!

hostel life survival skills


Co-living with people from different cultures and varied background instils in you the ability to deal with all sorts of people and all kinds of situations. Many times your roommate is a polarised version of you – you like the AC strong while she prefers sleeping without one; You are a late night owl while she is an early riser. How does anyone make sense of this irony going on in one room?

Well, that’s what people skills are. Introverts become extroverts, extroverts start to enjoy their own company and people just accept each other for who they are – that’s what hostel life teaches you – to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s individuality and be able to adapt to the diversity. Your acclimatizing skills are truly honed!

hostel life teaches adjustment

Managing Finances

Being a hosteller is not easy, especially when you no longer have your daddy around to run to whenever in need of money. You have a fixed pocket money and you need to take care of everything, like everything, with those peanuts! This helps you ace the most important life skill- the ability to manage your finances.

hostel life teaches you finance management

The art of keeping a track of each penny and keeping your accounts is an indispensable skill to have!


hostel life multitasking and self reliance

Being on your own is challenging but instils in you the most important trait that you’ll value for the rest of your lifetime. I am talking about self-reliance. The ability to not depend on others for your tasks, taking care of your to-do list on your own, starting to enjoy your own company and being emotionally independent is a skill that will take you a long way post your hostel life.

Value Of Time

hostel life time of your life

When you have multiple things happening simultaneously, the odds of being able to take part in everything are really low. This teaches you how to set your priorities right and give your best in the things you choose to become part of. This certainly makes you learn the value of time and how to manage your limited time efficiently. Got to know about an interesting event and got just 5 minutes to get ready? Well, such situations will be typical of your hostel life!

People’s Skills

Being in the company of people with different values and diverse backgrounds helps you hone your people’s skills. Robust communication skills, empathy, patience and the ability to trust others are all by-product of co-living with the heterogeneity around. You not only learn people’s skills, you simply ace them!

Have Fun No Matter What

Your hostel life will be a roller coaster ride with lots of highs accompanied by frequent lows. There will be times when you will hit rock bottom and despite having your friends around, you’ll have to bounce back through your resilience. Testing times will be many but through these life rhythms, you will learn to have fun no matter what. You will learn to prioritize things, discover values that you can resonate with and move beyond the triviality of the real world.

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