TV Series For Every Personality Type

College life is all about spending endless nights promising yourself that you’ll just watch one episode of your new found tv series, only to end up with 6 am dilemmas of wanting to go to bed or staying awake for breakfast!

tv series

While TV series are a lot about personal interests, here are popular picks according to some of the personality traits we often pick up in college.


An American comedy show that narrates the story of what it means to run your own startup in Silicon Valley, the global hub for technology, innovation and startup ecosystem. Revolving around the real drama that surrounds 5 young men and their attempt to bring a new technology for data compression, the sitcom has some uncomfortably true moments around entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. With the fifth season in running, Silicon Valley is a must-watch for all the aspirational entrepreneurs and tech geeks to understand the ground realities while having a laugh. The entrepreneur in you will definitely thank us for making you watch it!

tv series - silicon valley


Set in the 60s America, Mad Men is the brilliant representation of the advertising world and the cultural tipping point for the society and its individuals. The larger-than-life series explores the contradictions of modern life, dipped in drugs, sex and rock & roll. The rampant sexism and capitalism are difficult to miss – it manifests itself at the workplace and in the bedrooms of every person who comes in contact with it. It opens your eyes to look at the world in a completely different light, for better or worse. It gives you an insight into how campaigns in the creative world are/were made. The creative in you will enjoy the highs and lows that Mad Men takes you through – beautifully depressing, fairly realistic.

tv series - mad men


If you’ve ever had an ambition that makes you not give a f*ck about society and its rules, Weeds will greatly satiate the risk-taker in you! The journey of a family that takes up growing and selling drugs, Weeds successfully combines elements of cynicism and comedy. The story of a typical upper-middle-class suburban family trying to make money and maintain their lifestyle and the only solution they come up with is selling drugs. With too many twists and turns at the most unexpected corners, Weeds keeps you glued till the end!

tv series - weeds


tv series - black mirror

A dystopian take on what the future holds, Black Mirror sends you in a deep thinking daze. Pessimistic at times, the show challenges the use of technology for the betterment of human life by portraying an uncomfortable future. Often unsettling because of its nearness in future, Black mirror will get you thinking about the darker side of progress.


tv series - friends

If believing that everything will have a happy ending your life’s motto – FRIENDS is for you. A hearty portrayal of six friends, who are more than family to each other, and who will eventually become more than friends for you! A linear narrative of life as it is, aptly summarised in a quote from the series – “Welcome to the Real world, it sucks but you are gonna enjoy it somehow”. The idealist in you will go back to this tv series to seek comfort every time you feel something is not going right in life.