10 Types Of People You Come Across in College

Well, have your ever thought about how different all your friends are? While one is a happy and gossiping extrovert, the another one’s existence is hardly noticed. There are many more personalities which you come across in college every day. Here are a few that can be immediately spotted:

1. The Fashionista

She, or maybe he ( since gender equality, but let’s keep it she for the moment), is every girl’s role-model and every guy’s dream girl. Her style is always on fleek and other girls are left wondering how she manages to get that perfect wing of eyeliner every day. Her wildest conversations revolve around shopping, she knows her brands and the styles that suit her, she knows sales and she dreams to do something in fashion someday or become a fashion blogger/model. But little does she know that she already is doing it, in our eyes at least.

2. The Overthinker

Her/his friends call to casually talk but all the way her/his mind keeps wandering to the yet-to-happen conversation. “Is she/he mad at me?” or “Could it be that she/he is interested in me?” or no wait, “Did she/he find out that I was the one who stole their pen that day?”. It turns out that the friend just wanted to ask which is a better angle to click selfies. His/her brain might blow out soon enough!

3. The Pile-on

Whether it is someone’s birthday or an occasion as small as a friend’s haircut, she/he never loses an opportunity to come to try be a part of it. She/he probably smells like a rotten egg, has a non-existent sense of humour, yet thinks that she/he is the coolest person ever. Our condolences to you!

4. The Miser

The one who ate the most on everyone’s birthday yet never has a penny to spare and literally survives on our donations and food. And we all know that she/he is not as poor as she/he shows to be! Well, we are helpless and bound to help him!

5. The Richie-Rich

She/he is a spendthrift who never thinks twice before reaching out for money. She/he owns a huge-ass car, probably gifted by daddy dearest, and everyone loves to go for free rides with him/her. He/She goes to fancy places and we are secretly jealous of him/her. And we also doubt if the shower at his/her place pours water or money.

6. The Geeky First-Bencher


This is the person we usually don’t talk to, but worship a night before our exams. His/her notes always come as our saviour! He/She sits on the first bench and saves our souls from teacher’s surprise questions at the most unexpected moments by answering them himself/herself.

7. The FBI Chief

She/He has 10 Facebook IDs, 5 Instagram accounts and he/she is forever online, stalking people’s people online. She/he is our go-to person when we want to find out details about someone. 5 minutes is all it takes for him/her to hand out a full biography of that person!

8. The Wanna-Be

She/he is from a conventional middle-class family and the much-cool college environment has taken him/her by surprise. She/he now tries hard to adjust and be “cool”. And the sad part is that now she/he is neither cool nor her/his old-self. Too bad, eh?

9. The Mother of the Group

This girl takes care of other group members like they are her own child. We can always find useful stuff in her 1 kg heavy bag and we love her because she brings tasty food for us every day. She is basically the person who makes college slightly easy by having our back.

10. The Joker

The clown of the class, this guy/girl is definitely on some happiness-drug. He/She is always happy and positive, and is a sunshine in our lives. He/She is there to make us feel good about our non-existent love life, family drama and college pressure with lame crackhead jokes. And no matter how lame they get, we always laugh! Not at the joke, but the joker.

Surely, you were relating each of these personalities to every one of your friends. Well, did you find yours in this list?