Types of Professors We Come Across in College

After suffering from teachers’ ordeals in schools, we enter college with a hope that professors here would be more lenient and chill, and would not torture us with a crazy amount of work. But against all our expectations, we encounter a variety of personalities of professors which make us doubt our assumptions. Let’s have a look at all these personalities so that the actual confrontation with them does not take us by surprise.

1. The Punctual One

This type reaches at 8.35 AM for the 8.40 class and does not allow anyone to enter as soon as the clock ticks 8.41. For this class, we do not mind skipping breakfast, because breakfast can wait, but the professor…NO!
They make sure to slip a small lecture on the importance of punctuality in between the lecture and we are left with no option other than to nod because, well let’ face it, we need those attendance marks desperately.

2. The Question Appreciator

On one of those rare days, when we are bored of everything else and hence decide to actually pay attention in class, this teacher leaves no stone unturned to, on one hand, appreciate our question, but on the other, ensure to pass a¬†condescending remark about how if we’d studied regularly, we’d know the answer to our own question. Sigh! There’s no win with this professor. And even after a subtle insult, don’t expect an answer to your question.

3. The Fresher

The one who is as new to the college and as clueless as you are. You can never be sure whether they are your classmates or professors until they take their place on the other side of the table. They are usually scared and nervous about the whole teaching ordeal and try really hard to hide their anxiety, to no success.

While we should be sweet to her but she is still on the other side and we leave no stone unturned to take her for a ride until she figures her way around.

4. The Lost One

“The Newton’s First Law states that…”

Theirs are the classes we enjoy the most because they are too lost in their thoughts to be paying attention to us. Half of the time, they have no idea where they are looking or what they are saying. They go silent in between sentences and start looking out of the classroom windows for nothing. It is like they are sleeping with their eyes open, and hence we can too!

5. The Sweet One

They are rays of sunshine in our daily routine. Always bearing a heart-warming smile and extending a helping hand, we love to attend their classes. They usually don’t raise their voice, and adopt a slow pace at the beginning to give us time to accommodate to college life.

Have you experienced all these personalities of professors?