Useful Hacks to Save Some Money on Textbooks

It’s September already and before you know it, we will be in the month of November. November, the month of those much-dreaded internal assessments. This is when we actually take some time out from binge-watching movies, web series and aimlessly chilling with friends to focus on our studies. This is also the time when an important realisation strikes us; that we need to find-out the books we need to study from for our internals. With this realisation comes the pressure of buying course books. As it is our budget is low and we perpetually feel poor anyway. So how do you save enough money to buy those allegedly expensive books?

Here are a few hacks you may want to try-out:

Library = Shrine

Run to the library NOW! Before anybody else issues the last copy of that Abnormal Psychology book, go and get it issued in your name. Keep getting it reissued, through friends if needed, until you are done with your semester exam and return it once you are done. This way you have the book with you for as long as you need and you need to pay no extra money. ☺

Photocopy machine = Magic

In case you have missed the last copy of that book you needed, you can always get it photocopied. This is when you realise what a beautiful invention it is! If all the copies of the book are gone from the library, they are obviously with your classmates. All you need to do is catch that one kind classmate who will agree to give you the book for a few days so that you can get it photocopied. So, now you end up spending about 500/- for a book that you would have to otherwise purchase for 2000/-. And the 1500/- that you saved can now be happily spent on shopping!

Taking notes makes you SMART, not a NERD

If you have been diligent enough to attend classes regularly and taken notes, you are all set for your internals. Professors teach from the books that they recommend you to buy. So you might as well take some notes down in class and maintain them well till the end of the semester. So now you don’t require that obnoxiously expensive book and at the same time you have your notes handy with you which should hold you in good stead during your exam!

Find a less expensive version of the same book

If the recommended book is beyond your budget, do your research and find out another book which will equip you with the same knowledge but at a more affordable price. In case some bits and pieces are missing from this book, you can always get those extra pages photocopied, no?

Choose the option that suits you best and save money that can be spent on post exam partying.

Here’s us wishing you all the very best for your upcoming exams! You may get back to binging on your Netflix series now. ☺