Delhi University Admission Guide: College or Course?

We all know that choosing the right college is very important. What is also important is choosing the right course. Most students find it very confusing to find the perfect match, especially in Delhi University. 

So here are some tips that will come handy once you’re done with the Delhi University registration and application process and the cut-off madness begins!!

Delhi University

Set your priorities right – are you more interested in pursuing a course or is it more important for you to have a particular college name on your CV?

The course should always be chosen kept in mind your interest. Try and go through the course syllabi to have an idea of what it entails. You might have studied that subject in school and you might have found it interesting, but be sure of a commitment of 3 or more years here. When deciding the course, be prepared to get frustrated with it at one point or the other…you will have to keep reminding yourself as to why you chose it in the first place to stay motivated.

If the name of the college on your CV is more important than what you study, make sure you choose a college that’s worth it and live the life! Everybody has their own preferences and it’s totally ok to give preference to a particular college.

Delhi University

If such a situation arises that you are getting your preferred course in a decent college (but not your dream college) or you are getting the dream college but not the course of your preference, that’s where most of us dwindle!

While your course will determine your career path to a certain extent, it is not the end of the road. Many people continue to pursue their interest in a particular subject despite a different line of study in college and come out with double the knowledge. The trick is to know what your expectations are out of your college degree – do you wish to go from college to corporate life immediately, in which case the course ranks over the college, or is college life a means of escape for you, in which case it is ok to choose college over everything else.

Most people prioritise course over college because it has a certain stake in your future; however, if you are sure you want to pursue MBA right after college or are preparing for a competitive exam or will join your family business, then make the most of college life!

Think through your priorities and you will find the answer!