Delhi’s Lifeline – Everything To Know About Delhi Transport

Travelling around the national capital can be daunting for those from smaller cities and towns where one is familiar with every road and gali. Heck! Even many native Delhi-ites get confused when they have to visit a new or unknown neighbourhood. Thankfully, Delhi offers a plethora of options to make your commute easier. Here’s a list of Delhi transport options to help you navigate the city better!

1. Metro

With rapid development throughout the city, the launch of metro services was a huge blessing as it transformed every resident’s life. Extremely well connected and pocket-friendly, Delhi metro is every office-goer and student’s lifeline. There is no faster way to travel across the city when you want to avoid peak traffic hours. Delhi metro is walking distance from major attraction points across the city and great for college students. The ticket is calculated according to the distance travelled and it’s advisable for regular travellers to purchase a metro card that gives a flat 10% discount on fares. The first coach in every train is reserved for women. General services run from 6:00 am till 11:00 pm daily while the airport line runs from 4:45 am till 11:15 pm.

Delhi transport

2. Buses

For point to point connectivity, there is no better public transport than Delhi’s low floor buses. With AC, non-AC, and ladies special options, DTC buses suit every traveller’s need. Most routes run from 6:00 am till 10:00 pm, transporting passengers to any and every neighbourhood in the city. Be cautious of peak rush hours in the morning and evening as you could get stuck in traffic for a few hours. Purchasing a daily bus pass offers unlimited travel for the day, and from July, DTC is offering monthly passes online!

Delhi transport

3. Autos

Autos are easily the most reliable mode of Delhi transport. It’s almost as if the auto drivers are human GPS systems and the best part is, autos are available all day and night!

Delhi transport

4. Tuk Tuks or Shared Autos

A fairly new introduction to the city, tuk-tuks are shared autos mostly popular in densely populated markets and neighbourhoods. These are slightly wider and longer than the well known yellow and green native Delhi autos and have the capacity to seat 6 passengers safely.

Delhi transport

5. Cycle rickshaws

In popular and local markets in Delhi, you’ll still find cycle rickshaws. Most of these have been reinvented, incorporating a battery and are given the term ‘e-rickshaws’. These are very dependable for home-to-market and vice versa shorter routes.

Delhi transport