How to find a PG in Delhi? It’s easy to find PG in Delhi for boys and girls

Moving to the National capital of India? Trying to find the best place to live? Well, it is not easy to find an affordable accommodation of your choice in metropolitan cities. They are always either expensive or lack necessary amenities. Based on your budget you need to decide whether you want to stay in a flat or a PG in Delhi. On one hand, you need to pay for multiple facilities if you live in a flat – rent, water bills, electricity bill, cook, maid, maintenance, etc. Whereas there are various affordable PGs for boys and girls available in Delhi that include all the facilities under one single rental cost and make things simpler.

pg in delhi

Moving to the National capital of India? Find a PG in Delhi

Your travails begin with floods of pamphlets, advertisements, and recommendations for hostels and paying guest accommodations everywhere. But drilling down to your dream place which doesn’t gag you in a small box-shaped room, does not have curfew hours and gets you a decent bargain without overcharging you with subtle expenditures and yet fulfils all your expectations is quite difficult.

pg in delhi

Where to look for your dream PG in Delhi?

You know who can really help you? The local dhobi wale bhaiya, the grocer or the security guard who works in the locality you are looking for PG in Delhi. Online medium has also become a mode for searching the suitable pg accommodation although there could be brokerage involved in it. If you are looking for a professionally run PG near Delhi North and South Campus, then you should search for Stanza living. Their rent includes facilities like food, laundry, housekeeping, building maintenance, no curfew timing, hi-tech security, they even have a student app.

pg in delhi

Why not local PGs in Delhi?

There are various locally run girls and boys PG as well. The problem with them is one or more facilities is always missing. Either the food will be bad quality or the paying guest will lack laundry facility or no power back up for those late-night studies during exam time. It is always good to ensure you have all the basic facilities available all the time so that it does not hamper your overall budget and requirements, and always ensure you are comfortable.