PG for Girls Boys vs Flat, Hostel | How to decide where to stay?

School days are over and it is time to leave your comfort zone and move to a new city. It is definitely tough to leave home, family, siblings, pets, and most importantly your room and homemade food. The first thing that comes to the mind of every student is how am I going to deal with the new life. The first choice a student has to make after taking an admission is where is he/she going to stay? Will it be college hostel, a rented flat or a PG for girls boys? Well, that totally depends on your choice and preference. There are many variables to consider when choosing that perfect place that you want to call home away from home.

How to Choose a Place to Live – PG for Girls Boys vs Flat, Hostel

1. Affordability

You are still in your teenage probably and still dependent on your parents for your finances and pocket money. Hence, you have to ensure you find a budgeted accommodation to live. There are very few options of standard living in India and ones that are available are quite expensive. You can always choose to live a hostel but then it has curfew timings or a flat but then you end up paying for different types of bills – maid, electricity, cook, maintenance, etc. Whereas there is always a third option. I personally think this is the best option, i.e., pg for girls boys. You can easily find an affordable, pocket-friendly PGs with homelike food, security, and flexible in timing.

PG for girls/boys

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2. Safety

Safety is of utmost importance while moving to a new city. On one hand, where the hostel is too strict about the safety, rule, and curfew timings, the flat system does not always have professionally managed security system. Whereas the professionally managed PGs in India like Stanza Living, have the state-of-art-security-system. This allows you to keep the management updated all the time and at the same time, you don’t have to wait for approval from anyone. It is all automated. You are free and safe at the same time.

PG for girls/boys

3. Home-like food

The biggest concern of every mother, isn’t it? If you are a North Indian studying in South India you will always crave for chola bhatura and rajma chawal. If you are a South Indian, you will struggle to find crispy masala dosa. If you stay in a hostel you will get yellow water with no daal in it, no toothsome non-veg food, uncooked sabji. Whereas in flat either you will end up paying extra to the cook to make a good meal or you will sleep empty stomach. No deal is good. Whereas a pg for girls boys which have professional chefs will always ensure you eat healthy and tasty. They will ensure that you eat your regional food just as they were meant to be eaten.

PG for girls/boys

4. Healthcare Facilities

While you are away from home, having health care facilities is a must. Your doctor should be one call away from you. Your well being is your parents’ primary concern. Whether it is a mild fever or homesickness, always ensure you speak with your doctor. If you live in a flat, you may have to go the doctor yourself, but hostels and PGs provide doc-on-call services.

PG for girls boys

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5. Culture and Roommates

It is easy to adjust when you have a roommate who is just like you or someone you can easily get along with. Finding the perfect roommate can be a challenge if you are new in the city. Hence prefer staying in a PG for girls boys over a flat since PGs have people from various diversity and culture living under the same roof.

PG for girls/boys

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I hope this blog helps you choose easily between various accommodation options. 🙂






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