The Broke Student’s Guide To North Delhi: College Life Made Easier

Empty pockets are a student’s prerogative!

college life

College life is all about making ends meet in the little pocket money that you manage to get! You have to manage your daily travel, spontaneous outings after you bunk a class, shopping trips to find the cheapest and trendiest clothes, and parties that are feigned as group-study sessions!

Surviving in the capital city is a daunting task, especially with an adventurous spirit, new-found freedom but a small pocket. So here’s how to  survive the broke student life:

For All Your Shopping Needs

Kamla Nagar is a hop-skip-jump from North Campus just like Sarojini Nagar is from South Campus. For all of you who want to look trendy on a small budget, here are a few places where you can get exactly what you need. Head to Incense for an endless variety of clothes, Teen Queen for casual wear at throw-away prices, Delhi 2 London for amazing stuff starting at just Rs. 250 and 2 Funky for everything at 200 bucks flat. Some really great and budget-friendly menswear stores can be easily spotted in Vijay Nagar.

college life

Putting together a perfect outfit takes a lot more than just clothes. You can easily score some amazing accessories starting at just Rs. 30 in Kamla. For bags and footwear, we suggest you give Tote’s Gallore and Stelatoes in Kamla Nagar a visit. Apart from that you can also check out the small patri shops and find some interesting accessories at super cheap prices!

For The Broke Foodie In You

If you’re anywhere near North Delhi and are craving for some accha sasta khaana, you have several options. Sharma Ji’s famous kachoris at just Rs. 20, Chole Bhature from Bille di Hatti, Bistro 57’s garlic bread or the Mini Shop located at K-Nag’s entrance with its huge variety of refreshing drinks, your options are many even when the money is not.

college life

Vijay Nagar is no less with its tiny food joints. Some of our favourites are Manohar and Mr. Crust Bakers. And in case you fancy a pretty cafe, then head to our very own cafe hub – Hudson Lane has everything for you. It’s even better if you have Stanza’s discount card that entitles you to 10 – 30% discount at several cafes like Hudson Cafe, Outdoor Cafe, etc. Also, this part won’t be complete without the mention of DU college canteens that serve homely food at extremely pocket-friendly prices.

college life

For Going Places

To be honest, this one is the trickiest of ’em all because you won’t even realize when you become broke due to all the travelling and commuting. The first thing to do is to get a metro card considering how Delhi Metro is the backbone of the city and how the card offers discounted fares.

college life

Secondly, using e-rickshaws for short distances is more convenient than autos or normal rickshaws, and in case you want to opt for cabs, try options like Ola auto, Ola share, Uber pool. You can also opt for DTC buses which have discounted bus passes for students and have good connectivity.

College life is all about having a lot of fun with very little money, if you successfully achieve that, you’ve learnt how to manage money!

college life

“We didn’t choose the broke student life, it chose us!” – Every student’s motto