Introducing Community Living As A Concept

Relocating to a new city, right after school, for your academic endeavours can be quite difficult and nerve-wracking. Not only is there immense pressure of doing well academically but also the added expectation, from yourself, of making the most of college life, finding yourself and exploring new avenues.

The need for Community Living

While the concept of community living has existed internationally, it found its ground in India a few years back when more and more millennials started taking to backpacking and budget travelling. However, it is only recently that the student housing industry has turned its eyes towards a community living model and Stanza Living successfully established itself as the forerunner of this concept in India.

Community Living: Stanza Living common room

Community living or co-living is a sustainable living concept driven by technological advancements and a strong human need for belonging and fraternity. When everything seems alien – the food, the people, the places – community living comes to your rescue and enables you to form connections for an enriched living experience.

Co-living is about making life easier and fun for the residents through specially designed spaces that are optimised to encourage interaction. A cheerful common area furnished with gaming units, entertainment and lounge zones are slowly finding a place in co-living spaces to give millennials a chance to recharge, rejuvenate and socialise.

Community Living: Stanza Living property

What we, at Stanza, wish to create for students is a community of like-minded individuals who can enjoy a space that gives them the freedom to co-create, co-experience, and co-live!

Community Living: Stanza Social Events

Stanza Living pays utmost attention to design and goes beyond property procurement and management to interact with different spaces and translate their design philosophy into each of them. Each Stanza residence takes care of the overall growth of every student by giving them an opportunity to socialise, through interactive areas and community events. The idea is to give students a space where their holistic growth is taken care of.

Community Living: Stanza Living common area

Traditional residential options for students often lack the basic requirements of the ‘work hard, party harder’ millennials, that is entertainment and socialising opportunities. The community living concept thrives on bringing like-minded individuals together and forging friendships through shared experiences.

Stanza Living residences are tailored to suit the distinct lifestyle of students, their needs and aspirations. Our facilities, services and living spaces are designed for a community-led product. With its uniquely designed first-of-its-kind community engagement programs, Stanza Living’s Social & Springboard take care of social well-being and skill development for its residents. 

Stanza Social provides residents with a chance to be a part of an exciting array of indoor and outdoor events like game nights, jamming, movie marathon, and festive celebrations along with an exclusive access to a range of discounts and deals with local and national brands.

Stanza Springboard supports students with opportunities to enhance their in-class learning with practical experiences. An exclusive collection of complementary online courses, personality enhancement programs and corporate internship opportunities.

Community Living: Stanza Springboard