Letter from the Desk of Stanza Co-founders

Relocating to a new city can be difficult and nerve-wracking. Everything seems alien – the people, the food, the places. All one wishes for is a sense of belonging, of fraternity and of comfort.

Both of us have spent a substantial amount of time outside India, mostly US, UK, and Indonesia, and had the chance to closely observe the student housing industry standards there. It was impossible to not compare it to how things were in India. We were surprised how we were treating the country’s future here. It irked us to think and rethink about creating better accommodations for college students that address some of their major concerns. That’s when we thought of launching Stanza Living.

After careful research, we realised that student accommodations in India are not organised and it was time to bring some professional management to the market. We started Stanza Living with the thought of being a one-stop-accommodation for students – a place they would want to return to at the end of a hard-working day, a place where everything is taken care of, a place where they don’t have to worry about washing their clothes or cooking their meals, a place where security is not designed to put restrictions, and a place where they can grow, have fun, learn and network at the same time.

Living at Stanza is designed to be hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about payment of utility bills, calling the plumber, again and again, to repair that leaking valve or having to worry about whether the maid you hired last week will last till the end of the month. At Stanza, we’ve always got your back!

We launched Stanza Living in April 2017 with 2 properties, one for boys and the other for girls, in North Campus, Delhi University, and they were occupied to capacity before we knew it, with over 100 students in residence.

We, at Stanza living, see a massive disruption opportunity in this industry. We want to transform the student hospitality space by introducing an environment that stimulates learning and growth, along with international living standards. Our Stanza Social & Springboard programs are designed keeping in mind the recreational and aspirational requirements of students.

The real backbone of Stanza Living is technology. It helps us deliver a professionally-managed community living experience keeping the end beneficiary, that is, students, at the centre of our model. Stanza is an experiential product in the business of living, not barebones housing.

Within the next two months, several educational hubs in the country will witness the launch of Stanza Living’s signature residences and a rise in the community of Stanzens. 

-Anindya Dutta & Sandeep Dalmia, Co-Founders, Stanza Living