Revolutionising The Student Housing Industry – Stanza Living

Being a college student myself, I know how hard it is for outstation students to adjust in a completely unfamiliar city, miles away from home. The true value of home is realised only when one has to leave it and shift to a new city. It is a sad reality that even in a metro city like Delhi, we get affordable PGs only at the cost of our comfort. We have to forget what it is like to eat good home-cooked food, to sleep on clean beds, to live without any rules and most importantly, the feeling of being at home. Suddenly, our mothers become our favourite chef and father’s restrictions start to seem so facile.

I remember a time sometime last year when the aura of North Campus was full of excitement and madness. The Bollywood legend, Akshay Kumar, was coming for the promotion of one of his movies and every one of us, being his die-hard fans, could not contain our enthusiasm.

However, a friend of mine reacted just the opposite of it. On being asked, she revealed that she can not stay out for too long or else she would not be allowed entry into her PG. She also had to work on her chemistry project and the timings for Wi-Fi services in her pg were limited, leaving her with no choice but to go back. And the saddest part is that she was not the only one in that crowd. While we were planning to have fun, those living in age-old PGs had no option but to go back to their rooms and pray for a better accommodation, where they would not be bounded like this.

Stanza Living: The Concept

Stanza Living, in simple words, is the answer to their prayers. Continuously working to provide a home-like accommodation to students, all the facilities are provided under one roof, so that you do not have to “adjust” or “compromise” with your living standards.

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While there are many PGs which promise to serve wholesome meals, provide round the clock security and maintain hygiene, what makes Stanza Living different is its dedication to deliver quality living for students, and not just a structure of bricks to exist in.

Apart from ensuring frequent changing menus and use of high-grade ingredients, state-of-the-art security system and a professional housekeeping staff, Stanza Living goes beyond traditional methods and pioneers the concept of co-living in India. The first of its kind thing, the focus is on creating an environment where a student can grow holistically.

Stanza Community: Stanza Social & Stanza Springboard

To enhance the concept of co-living and most importantly, to ensure a holistic development of a student, the special community programmes called Stanza Social and Stanza Springboard have been formulated. Both the programs give students a platform to socialise, celebrate, learn and grow.

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For example, if you have to apply for an internship but worried about how to make your CV, then this is where Stanza Springboard comes in. Stanza Springboard helps students in various activities that make them job-ready, such as CV building, career counselling, brown bag sessions and networking opportunities. Soft skills workshops and seminars with industry experts and entrepreneurs are also a part of the Stanza Springboard curriculum.

While the skills required for a job and career are honed, there is equal importance given to study hard, party harder! Stanza Social organises city tours, birthday celebrations, game nights and movie nights etc where the residents can come together and have fun.

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In college, most students are already broke after bearing the expenses of books and a daily travel. And on top of that, to be able to afford a haircut or an expensive coffee becomes impossible. To save you from this chaos, Stanza Social offers discounts in cafes, restaurants, salons, movie centres and other happening places.

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Stanza App: Going Digital!

In the era of mobile phones and technology, no one likes to go to the warden to complain about the broken tube light or food menu. So, to ease these everyday errands, Stanza Living makes use of the Stanza App for all its inmates. With this app, the students get the entire food menu a week in prior. They are notified about all the upcoming social events and the latest discounts offered. Not only this, they can also notify their resident captain about late check-ins, leave or last-minute night-outs. In case of any inconvenience, complaint or feedback can be registered through the app, which are then taken up for a quick resolution.

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So, now you know that there is a place where you will be a priority, a place that you can call “home” and make friends so good that they will become your “family”. Stanza Living is the way to go!