10 Things You Just Can’t Do At Stanza Living

Stanza Living is so much more than just beds and rooms – it is an experience we want you to cherish for life. While we will try and focus all our energies on making this experience your best so far, we’d like you to know a few things that are a definite NO-NO as a Stanzen.


  • be worried about household chores, and give that as an excuse to miss out on all the college fun
  • think twice about signing up for any additional activities after college hours – your in-time is customisable so that you can make the most of college life
  • revolve your life only around academics – it is a time for you to have experiences, network with like-minded people and not let go of learning opportunities
  • keep your feedbacks about us to yourself – we promise to act to the best of our capabilities to improve our services
  • keep yourself from enrolling in Stanza Social & Springboard programs, because they are going to be truly fabulous!
  • shy away from putting up pictures in your Stanza residences, we want you to feel at home and that is exactly why we’ve given you photo hangers in your bedrooms
  • be afraid to try your hand at a foosball or pool table, and even compete with other Stanzens
  • go watch movies all by yourself, you should wait for Stanza Movie Nights!
  • complain about being broke at the end of the month – you can always use Stanza social discount cards with online service providers and local vendors
  • listen to people who tell you to learn how to cook, wash your own clothes, clean your room, or run any domestic errands now that you live away from home

Stanza Living is challenging the status quo of historically poor quality of PGs and hostels. At Stanza Living, we are doing away with archaic wardens, onerous curfew times and regressive policies to create customised solutions for you that allow you the freedom to express yourself, make the most of college life, and never have anything to worry about.